I am a company, how do I get help with my listing?

Please refer to our Company FAQs for help with your listing.

How do I search the Directory?

To search the directory, enter a UK postcode, city or town into the search bar on the home screen and either press enter or click the magnifying glass at the end of the search bar.

Your results should then be displayed in order of how close they are to the location you entered. You are able to sort of filter your results by using the drop down options shown above the search results.

If you would like to do a more specific search, you should click the 'advanced search button' located underneath the search bar.

How do I perform an advanced search?

To perform an advanced search click the 'Advanced search' button underneath the search bar on the right. This will open the advanced search window.

Once the window has opened, enter at least one search criteria (you can enter one or a combination to narrow your results further) before scrolling down and selecting the 'Search' button at the bottom of the window. You will then be provided a list of results for your search.

How do I sort and filter results?

To sort your results, select the 'Sort by' option located at the top left above the results and choose how you would like to sort the results. You can sort by company name, company type, partner name, town and closest. Results will be sorted in ascending order, if you select the same sort criteria again the results will be sorted in descending order.

To filter your results, click the 'filters' option at the top right above the results and select a filter criteria. Using the drop down menus you can filter your results by specialism category, specialism subcategory, company type, nation/region, county, local authority and select whether the company is a legal firm. To return to your results, click 'Filters' again and this will hide the filters menu.

How do I contact a Planning Consultant?

To contact a Planning Consultant from the directory, perform a search. When you have located the Planning Consultant that you wish to contact, click 'More' to open their listing page where you will find their contact details.

Visit our 'Company FAQs' page.