Groves Town Planning Ltd

NameGroves Town Planning Ltd

We aim to provide you with the benefit of professional skills, experience and knowledge of the planning process gathered over more than 30 years to enable your effective and efficient engagement with the planning system. Whether that is supporting proposed development through regulatory process or assisting you with comments on the proposals of others or engaging in the complexity of local authority development plan production. We can promise honest and clear advice to best achieve objectives and successful outcomes. Our Cheshire base enables cover of projects across Gtr Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire, Cumbria as well as Cheshire.

Major roles

• Leading the adoption of development plans in three local authorities • Production of topic specific policy documentation

• Planning input into multi-disciplinary development project teams

• Development Appraisal • Application preparation and submission

• Developing public and councillor engagement strategies

• Evidence production and expert witness in planning appeals

• Comment on development proposals for third parties

Major Developments

• Rugby and football stadia

• Moorside Nuclear Power Station Cumbria

• Onshore and offshore wind power

• Manchester Airport 2nd runway

• Town centre redevelopments

*Other Development *

• Residential development

• Retail and commercial development

• Individual dwellings

• Building conversions

• Changes of use

• Domestic extensions

• Planning enforcement issues

Legal: Direct Professional Access to the Bar

Legal: Public Inquiries

Local & Strategic Planning: Development Briefs

Local & Strategic Planning: Local Plans

Conservation: Conservation Areas

Conservation: Urban Conservation

Business: Advertisements / Canopies / Blinds

Business: Business and Science Parks

Business: Change of Use

Business: Car Parking / Access

Business: Enforcement

Business: Extensions / Alterations of Premises

Business: Lawful Development Certificates

Business: New Premises

Business: Working from Home

Countryside & Environment: National Parks

Countryside & Environment: Tree Preservation Orders

Countryside & Environment: Wind Farms

Housing: Housing Design Layout

Design: Masterplanning

Design: Urban Design

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Public Participation

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Schools / Community Buildings

Housing: Appeals

Housing: Applications

Housing: Boundaries / Curtilage

Housing: House Extensions

Housing: Objections

Housing: Residential Developments

Industrial: Heavy Industry

Industrial: Light Industry

Industrial: Nuclear

Industrial: Service Industry

Industrial: Technological Industry

Industrial: Utilities

Information Technology: Development Control Application Systems

Legal: Advocacy

Legal: Appeals

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Expert Witness

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Planning Gain

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Section 106 Agreements

Local & Strategic Planning: Development Plan Representation

Local & Strategic Planning: Greenbelt

Probity: Elected Member Training

Research: Site Appraisals

Retail: Advertisements / Canopies / Blinds

Retail: Change of Use

Retail: Out of Town Sites

Retail: Shops

Retail: Supermarkets

Retail: Town Centres

Tourism & Leisure: Cinemas

Tourism & Leisure: Golf Courses

Tourism & Leisure: Guest Houses / B&B

Tourism & Leisure: Hotels

Tourism & Leisure: Parks

Tourism & Leisure: Restaurants

Tourism & Leisure: Stadiums

Tourism & Leisure: Tourism

Transport: Airports

Transport: Railways

Urban Regeneration: Brownfield Sites

Countryside & Environment: Coastal Planning

Economic Development: Development Strategies

Marine: Energy

Enforcement: Investigation

Enforcement: Appeals

Enforcement: Remedial Action

Renewable Energy: Wind Power

Renewable Energy: Tidal Power

Local & Strategic Planning: Statements of Community Involvement

Local & Strategic Planning: Core Strategies

Employment: Distribution and Warehousing

Employment: Offices

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Community and Stakeholder Consultation Events

Countryside & Environment: Green Belt

Design: Implementation

Industrial: Site Design Layout

Local & Strategic Planning: Planning Strategies

Urban Regeneration: Design

Urban Regeneration: Town & City Centre Revitalisation Schemes

Business: Offices

Design: Design Layout

Infrastructure: Infrastructure Planning for Local Plans

Infrastructure: Duty to Cooperate

Design: Townscape Impact Analysis

Local Authority Services: Development Management

Local Authority Services: Local Plan Making

Local Authority Services: Contracted Out Services