Ann Skippers Planning

NameAnn Skippers Planning

"Having an idea, creating a vision is the very essence of what planning is about. There’s nothing quite like capturing that magic."

Ann Skippers is a chartered town planner with over twenty-five years experience in a career that has spanned local government, academia and private consultancy.

Perhaps best known for her role as President of the Royal Town Planning Institute in 2010, Ann offers a wide range of consultancy services to local authorities, the private sector, parish and town councils and community organisations.

Ann specialises in neighbourhood planning and can act as the independent examiner for neighbourhood plans and community rights orders. Ann also offers a critical friend/health check service to ensure that your plan or order stands the best chance of success at examination and is ideally placed to provide support and advice to community groups wishing to embark on neighbourhood planning. Ann is a member of the NPIERS Panel of Examiners.

Ann also specialises in bespoke training and support. Recently Ann has provided training on neighbourhood planning, appeals, including writing representations and costs applications, as well as development management updates which have proved popular with local authorities and the private sector alike.

For local authorities Ann can act as a critical friend, providing additional capacity and support in local planning policy and related services. She offers bespoke training and support helping officers and members to get to grips with the latest reforms and changes to the planning system.

We offer a wide range of consultancy services which include feasibility studies and planning applications and appeals. Whether you wish to see what the potential of your land or building is, submit an application or simply need advice when you hit the planning buffers, we are here to help.

Ann is also skilled in

  • public speaking

  • facilitation

  • advocacy

  • partnership building

  • writing for publication

Ann Skippers Planning was launched in April 2011 and is the trading name of Charisma Spatial Planning Ltd. We have an extensive network of other skilled professionals we can call upon to supplement our planning expertise.

Local & Strategic Planning: Community Plans

Local & Strategic Planning: Development Plan Representation

Local & Strategic Planning: EIP (Examination in Public)

Local & Strategic Planning: Greenbelt

Local & Strategic Planning: Sub-regional Planning

Local & Strategic Planning: Development Briefs

Local & Strategic Planning: Local Plans

Local & Strategic Planning: Development Plan Monitoring

Local & Strategic Planning: Statements of Community Involvement

Local & Strategic Planning: Core Strategies

Local & Strategic Planning: Area Development Frameworks

Local & Strategic Planning: Planning Strategies

Local & Strategic Planning: Duty to Cooperate

Local & Strategic Planning: Sustainability Appraisal

Local & Strategic Planning: Sustainability Statements

Conservation: Characterisation Studies

Conservation: Design Layout

Conservation: Conservation Areas

Conservation: Historic Towns / Sites

Conservation: Listed Buildings

Conservation: Rural Conservation

Conservation: Urban Conservation

Legal: Direct Professional Access to the Bar

Legal: Public Inquiries

Legal: Advocacy

Legal: Appeals

Legal: Judicial Review

Countryside & Environment: AONB (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty)

Countryside & Environment: National Parks

Countryside & Environment: Rural Regeneration

Countryside & Environment: Tree Preservation Orders

Countryside & Environment: Visual Impact Assessments

Countryside & Environment: Wildlife Centres / Trusts

Countryside & Environment: Environmental Trusts

Countryside & Environment: Country Parks

Countryside & Environment: Green Belt

Agriculture: Planning & Development

Agriculture: Development Applications

Agriculture: Agricultural Developments

Agriculture: Barn Conversions

Agriculture: Diversification

Agriculture: Farms

Agriculture: Small Holdings

Business: Advertisements / Canopies / Blinds

Business: Business and Science Parks

Business: Change of Use

Business: Car Parking / Access

Business: Enforcement

Business: Extensions / Alterations of Premises

Business: Lawful Development Certificates

Business: New Premises

Business: Working from Home

Business: Offices

Design: Design Layout

Design: Characterisation Studies

Design: Urban Design

Economic Development: Development Strategies

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Neighbourhood Development Plans

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Neighbourhood Development Orders

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Independent Assessor

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Community and Stakeholder Consultation Events

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Registration of Community Assets under Localism Act

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Public Participation

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Schools / Community Buildings

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Village/Town Appraisals

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Village Design Statements

Health Planning: Health Centres

Health Planning: Hospices

Health Planning: Hospital

Health Planning: Nursing Homes

Housing: Affordable Housing

Housing: Appeals

Housing: Applications

Housing: Boundaries / Curtilage

Housing: Car Parking

Housing: House Extensions

Housing: Objections

Housing: Residential Developments

Housing: Social Housing

Housing: Code for Sustainable Homes

Housing: Housing Design Layout

Industrial: Site Design Layout

Industrial: Light Industry

Industrial: Service Industry

Industrial: Telecommunications

Industrial: Mobile Phone Masts

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Expert Witness

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Mediation

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Planning Gain

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Section 106 Agreements

Probity: Elected Member Training

Overseas: European Planning Systems

Overseas: Other Planning Systems

Overseas: Overseas Planning and Development

Research: Feasibility Studies

Research: Land Availabiltiy Studies

Research: Research / Surveys

Research: Site Appraisals

Retail: Advertisements / Canopies / Blinds

Retail: Car Boot Sales

Retail: Change of Use

Retail: Factory Outlet Centres

Retail: Markets

Retail: Out of Town Sites

Retail: Shops

Retail: Supermarkets

Retail: Town Centres

Retail: Town Centre Management

Retail: Site Design Layout

Tourism & Leisure: Amusement Centres

Tourism & Leisure: Caravan Parks / Camping Sites

Tourism & Leisure: Cinemas

Tourism & Leisure: Golf Courses

Tourism & Leisure: Guest Houses / B&B

Tourism & Leisure: Family Entertainment Centres

Tourism & Leisure: Fast Food / Take Away Outlets

Tourism & Leisure: Health Clubs

Tourism & Leisure: Hotels

Tourism & Leisure: Parks

Tourism & Leisure: Playing Fields

Tourism & Leisure: Public Houses

Tourism & Leisure: Rambling

Tourism & Leisure: Restaurants

Tourism & Leisure: Stadiums

Tourism & Leisure: Swimming Baths

Tourism & Leisure: Theme Parks

Tourism & Leisure: Tourism

Tourism & Leisure: Wildlife Centres / Zoos

Transport: Car Parks

Transport: Transport Impact Studies

Transport: Transport planning and design

Urban Regeneration: Design

Urban Regeneration: Rural & Village Schemes

Urban Regeneration: Brownfield Sites

Local Authority Services: Development Management

Local Authority Services: Local Plan Making

Local Authority Services: Contracted Out Services

Marine: Spatial planning

Enforcement: Investigation

Enforcement: Appeals

Enforcement: Remedial Action

Employment: Distribution and Warehousing

Employment: Offices

Infrastructure: Duty to Cooperate