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Andrew Martin "“ Planning (AM-P) is an independent planning, urban design and development consultancy with over 30 years of experience and includes chartered members of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Based at Town Mill, Stebbing "“ in the heart of Essex "“ the team has an outstanding and successful track record throughout the East of England, London and beyond.

AM-P advises private and public sector clients with focus on adding value to their real estate interests. The practice provides the highest standard of professional expertise and the team are adept at finding solutions to complex planning and development problems.

Our services include strategic planning and development plan promotion, regeneration, project management, planning applications and appeals, Environmental Impact Assessments, master planning and urban design, neighbourhood planning and community engagement.

Our work could not be better demonstrated than in the case study of Beaulieu Park, Chelmsford. This major new neighbourhood on greenfield land to the north of Chelmsford, was successfully promoted by Andrew Martin-Planning from initial site identification, via the Local Development Framework system, and ultimately an outline planning application including Environmental Impact Assessment.

As a strategic expansion of Chelmsford and an exemplar of sustainability it comprises up to 3,600 homes, a large business park, neighbourhood facilities, and a new railway station.

The project from inception to outline planning consent, drew upon the wide range of expertise within the practice. This included the preparation of a master plan to guide the development, viability assessments, local plan promotion and presentation of evidence at a Public Examination. In parallel the practice coordinated the planning application package with Environmental Statement and negotiated a legal agreement. Challenging issues of transportation infrastructure and the creation of a new railway station as well as the existence of a Grade I listed building at the centre of the site were addressed by Andrew Martin-Planning who led a team of consultants.

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