Woods Hardwick Planning Ltd

NameWoods Hardwick Planning Ltd

For developers, land promoters, housebuilders, property and landowners and other parties who need to navigate the town planning system, Woods Hardwick Planning are highly resourceful and diligent town planning professionals focused on helping achieve your development goals and objectives. We provide expert advice and resource in a skillful, flexible and innovative way underpinned by a deep understanding of planning requirements and regulations and strong relationships across the development industry and with local planning teams. This provides an experienced partner who can work alongside you in the management and delivery of your planning projects.

Woods Hardwick Planning is part of the Woods Hardwick Group which offers a wide range of services within the core disciplines architecture, engineering, planning and surveying. Our ability to offer these services in an integrated way can be a major benefit to customers and the close relationship with our colleagues improves us as planners by enhancing our understanding of other specialisms within the development sector.


Offering a comprehensive range of town planning services including the following:

Planning applications, including co-ordination and project management;

  • Local Plan representations and land promotion, including appearing as expert witnesses at Examinations in Public;
  • Planning appeals, including Public Inquiries;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment co-ordination;
  • Development appraisals;
  • Policy research;
  • Community consultation;
  • Section 106 negotiations

Recent Projects

We have secured planning consents for major residential and employment schemes in Central Bedfordshire, including EIA development; prepared and submitted a large scale mixed use scheme accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment; co-ordination of planning appeals for major residential schemes to be heard at Public Inquiry; secured planning consents for small to medium scale residential and commercial schemes including new residential developments, extensions to existing businesses in the urban and rural area and conversion schemes.

Legal: Direct Professional Access to the Bar

Legal: Public Inquiries

Local & Strategic Planning: Development Briefs

Local & Strategic Planning: Local Plans

Conservation: Conservation Areas

Conservation: Listed Buildings

Agriculture: Agricultural Developments

Agriculture: Barn Conversions

Agriculture: Diversification

Agriculture: Estates

Agriculture: Farms

Agriculture: Horticulture

Agriculture: Liveries

Agriculture: Small Holdings

Business: Advertisements / Canopies / Blinds

Business: Business and Science Parks

Business: Change of Use

Business: Car Parking / Access

Business: Enforcement

Business: Extensions / Alterations of Premises

Business: Lawful Development Certificates

Business: New Premises

Business: Working from Home

Countryside & Environment: Environmental Impact Assessments

Countryside & Environment: Strategic Environmental Appraisals

Countryside & Environment: Environmental Statements

Countryside & Environment: Gypsy / Traveller Sites

Design: Crime Prevention Design

Housing: Housing Design Layout

Design: Masterplanning

Design: Urban Design

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Schools / Community Buildings

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Village/Town Appraisals

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Village Design Statements

Health Planning: Health Centres

Housing: Affordable Housing

Housing: Appeals

Housing: Applications

Housing: Boundaries / Curtilage

Housing: Car Parking

Housing: Housing Needs Studies

Housing: House Extensions

Housing: Light Issues

Housing: Objections

Housing: Residential Developments

Housing: Social Housing

Industrial: Heavy Industry

Industrial: Light Industry

Industrial: Service Industry

Industrial: Mobile Phone Masts

Industrial: Technological Industry

Industrial: Utilities

Legal: Appeals

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Expert Witness

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Planning Gain

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Section 106 Agreements

Local & Strategic Planning: Development Plan Representation

Local & Strategic Planning: EIP (Examination in Public)

Local & Strategic Planning: Greenbelt

Local & Strategic Planning: Sub-regional Planning

Local & Strategic Planning: Transport Plans

Local & Strategic Planning: Waste Local Plans

Research: Feasibility Studies

Research: Land Availabiltiy Studies

Research: Research / Surveys

Research: Site Appraisals

Retail: Advertisements / Canopies / Blinds

Retail: Change of Use

Retail: Out of Town Sites

Retail: Retail Impact Studies

Retail: Shops

Retail: Supermarkets

Retail: Town Centres

Tourism & Leisure: Amusement Centres

Tourism & Leisure: Caravan Parks / Camping Sites

Tourism & Leisure: Cinemas

Tourism & Leisure: Golf Courses

Tourism & Leisure: Family Entertainment Centres

Tourism & Leisure: Fast Food / Take Away Outlets

Tourism & Leisure: Health Clubs

Tourism & Leisure: Hotels

Tourism & Leisure: Public Houses

Tourism & Leisure: Restaurants

Tourism & Leisure: Stadiums

Transport: Roads

Transport: Transport Impact Studies