Pleydell Smithyman Limited

NamePleydell Smithyman Limited

Pleydell Smithyman Limited (PSL) is a multi-disciplinary team of professional town planners, architects, designers, ecologists, landscape architects and surveyors working across the United Kingdom out of offices in Ironbridge in the West Midlands and Glasgow in Scotland.

We are an established environmental, landscape and planning consultancy with over 20 years experience in the field. PSL can provide the following services to ensure development proposals are cost effective through efficient management of the necessary disciplines:

  • Planning
  • Project management
  • Design and masterplanning services
  • Ecological services
  • Landscape services

PSL take an integrated and straight forward approach to planning applications and the Environmental Impact Assessment process that draws upon specific client and site requirements. Our in-house capability covers matters that can most influence the shaping of a development scheme and which can contribute most significantly to secure planning permission.

Internal skills are complemented by external support on other environmental matters and we adopt a flexible approach to the procurement of external support.

Local & Strategic Planning: Development Briefs

Local & Strategic Planning: Local Plans

Local & Strategic Planning: Development Plan Monitoring

Local & Strategic Planning: Community Plans

Local & Strategic Planning: Development Plan Representation

Local & Strategic Planning: EIP (Examination in Public)

Local & Strategic Planning: Greenbelt

Local & Strategic Planning: Minerals Local Plans

Local & Strategic Planning: Waste Local Plans

Local & Strategic Planning: Statements of Community Involvement

Local & Strategic Planning: Core Strategies

Local & Strategic Planning: Area Development Frameworks

Local & Strategic Planning: Planning Strategies

Conservation: Design Layout

Conservation: Ecology

Legal: Appeals

Legal: Public Inquiries

Countryside & Environment: Green Belt

Countryside & Environment: Environmental Management Strategies

Countryside & Environment: Country Parks

Countryside & Environment: Renewable Energy Sources

Countryside & Environment: AONB (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty)

Countryside & Environment: Ecological Surveys

Countryside & Environment: Environmental Impact Assessments

Countryside & Environment: Environmental Statements

Countryside & Environment: Rural Regeneration

Countryside & Environment: Rights of Way

Countryside & Environment: SSSI (Special Sites of Scientific Interest)

Countryside & Environment: Tree Preservation Orders

Countryside & Environment: Visual Impact Assessments

Countryside & Environment: Wind Farms

Countryside & Environment: Wetlands

Countryside & Environment: Wildlife Centres / Trusts

Agriculture: Agricultural Developments

Agriculture: Barn Conversions

Agriculture: Diversification

Agriculture: Estates

Agriculture: Option Agreements

Agriculture: Planning & Development

Agriculture: Development Applications

Business: Offices

Business: Advertisements / Canopies / Blinds

Business: Business and Science Parks

Business: Change of Use

Business: Car Parking / Access

Business: Enforcement

Business: Extensions / Alterations of Premises

Business: Lawful Development Certificates

Business: New Premises

Design: Masterplanning

Design: Urban Design

Design: Design Layout

Design: Architecture

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Community and Stakeholder Consultation Events

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Public Participation

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Schools / Community Buildings

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Village/Town Appraisals

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Village Design Statements

Health Planning: BREEAM Assessments

Housing: Appeals

Housing: Applications

Housing: Boundaries / Curtilage

Housing: Car Parking

Housing: Residential Developments

Industrial: Light Industry

Industrial: Minerals / Aggregates / Extraction

Industrial: Mining

Industrial: Waste Disposal

Industrial: Site Design Layout

Information Technology: CAD

Information Technology: GIS

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Expert Witness

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Planning Gain

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Section 106 Agreements

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Section 75 Agreements

Research: Environmental Impact Assessment

Research: Viability and Planning Assessments and Inquiries

Research: Research / Surveys

Research: Site Appraisals

Retail: Advertisements / Canopies / Blinds

Retail: Change of Use

Retail: Markets

Retail: Out of Town Sites

Retail: Shops

Retail: Site Design Layout

Tourism & Leisure: Sport & Recreational Strategies

Tourism & Leisure: Visitor Management Strategies

Tourism & Leisure: Caravan Parks / Camping Sites

Tourism & Leisure: Golf Courses

Tourism & Leisure: Family Entertainment Centres

Tourism & Leisure: Health Clubs

Tourism & Leisure: Hotels

Tourism & Leisure: Marinas

Tourism & Leisure: Parks

Tourism & Leisure: Playing Fields

Tourism & Leisure: Public Houses

Tourism & Leisure: Restaurants

Tourism & Leisure: Swimming Baths

Tourism & Leisure: Theme Parks

Tourism & Leisure: Tourism

Tourism & Leisure: Wildlife Centres / Zoos

Transport: Car Parks

Transport: Cycle Ways

Transport: Railways

Transport: Rivers / Canals / Waterways

Urban Regeneration: Brownfield Sites

Urban Regeneration: Waterfront Sites

Urban Regeneration: Design

Urban Regeneration: Town & City Centre Revitalisation Schemes

Urban Regeneration: Rural & Village Schemes

Urban Regeneration: Housing Estate Masterplans

Minerals & Waste: Mineral Local Plans

Minerals & Waste: Waste Disposal

Minerals & Waste: Minerals/Aggregates Extraction

Minerals & Waste: Quarries

Minerals & Waste: Waste Local Plans

Minerals & Waste: Mining

Minerals & Waste: Coal Mining

Minerals & Waste: Waste Recycling

Minerals & Waste: Waste Minimisation

Minerals & Waste: Landfill

Local Authority Services: Development Management

Enforcement: Appeals

Renewable Energy: Wind Power

Renewable Energy: Solar Power

Renewable Energy: BREEAM

Employment: Distribution and Warehousing

Employment: Offices

Infrastructure: Schools Planning