Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners

NameAllies and Morrison Urban Practitioners

Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners is a friendly, personable planning and design practice which prides itself in working flexibly with clients to produce work of the highest quality. Our core skills include:

  • Masterplanning and architectural services;

  • Community consultation and engagement;

  • Urban planning, including AAP and SPD preparation;

  • Urban design, site feasibility and scoping studies;

  • Conservation and historic buildings;

  • Town planning including planning application preparation;

  • Research and policy development;

Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners has a focus on the development of creative projects and masterplans, supported by rigorous analysis and research. We emphasise public participation and consultation and work creatively with local communities to develop and test plans, and we thus offer a fresh, modern and innovative perspective, drawing on local distinctiveness.

We have drawn on our extensive experience to develop good practice guidelines and policy recommendations for Central Government, Historic England, the Heritage Lottery Fund and other bodies.

Our clients local authorities, landowners, developers, multi-sector partnerships, architects, engineers, community associations and government agencies.

Legal: Public Inquiries

Local & Strategic Planning: Development Briefs

Local & Strategic Planning: Local Plans

Local & Strategic Planning: Development Plan Monitoring

Conservation: Conservation Areas

Conservation: Historic Building Restoration

Conservation: Historic Towns / Sites

Conservation: Listed Buildings

Conservation: Rural Conservation

Conservation: Urban Conservation

Conservation: World Heritage Sites

Business: Business and Science Parks

Business: Extensions / Alterations of Premises

Business: New Premises

Countryside & Environment: Strategic Environmental Appraisals

Countryside & Environment: Environmental Statements

Countryside & Environment: Visual Impact Assessments

Design: Crime Prevention Design

Housing: Housing Design Layout

Design: Masterplanning

Design: Urban Design

Economic Development: Inward Investment

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Planning for Real & Trade

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Public Participation

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Schools / Community Buildings

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Village/Town Appraisals

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Village Design Statements

Health Planning: Health Centres

Health Planning: Hospital

Health Planning: Nursing Homes

Housing: Affordable Housing

Housing: Applications

Housing: Housing Needs Studies

Housing: Residential Developments

Housing: Social Housing

Information Technology: Internet

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Planning Gain

Local & Strategic Planning: Community Plans

Local & Strategic Planning: Development Plan Representation

Local & Strategic Planning: EIP (Examination in Public)

Local & Strategic Planning: Sub-regional Planning

Probity: Elected Member Training

Research: Feasibility Studies

Research: Land Availabiltiy Studies

Research: Research / Surveys

Research: Site Appraisals

Retail: Shops

Retail: Town Centres

Retail: Town Centre Management

Tourism & Leisure: Cinemas

Tourism & Leisure: Golf Courses

Tourism & Leisure: Health Clubs

Tourism & Leisure: Hotels

Tourism & Leisure: Restaurants

Tourism & Leisure: Swimming Baths

Tourism & Leisure: Tourism

Transport: Airports

Urban Regeneration: Brownfield Sites

Economic Development: Development Strategies

Economic Development: Feasibility Studies

Agriculture: Planning & Development

Marine: Spatial planning

Local & Strategic Planning: Statements of Community Involvement

Local & Strategic Planning: Core Strategies

Employment: City Centre Tall Buildings

Employment: Offices

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Community and Stakeholder Consultation Events

Conservation: Design Layout

Countryside & Environment: Code for Sustainable Homes

Design: Architecture

Design: Implementation

Information Technology: CAD

Information Technology: Web & Graphic Design

Overseas: Overseas Planning and Development

Retail: Site Design Layout

Local & Strategic Planning: Area Development Frameworks

Local & Strategic Planning: Planning Strategies

Urban Regeneration: Waterfront Sites

Urban Regeneration: Design

Urban Regeneration: Town & City Centre Revitalisation Schemes

Design: Design Layout

Housing: Code for Sustainable Homes

Infrastructure: Schools Planning

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Neighbourhood Development Plans

Neighbourhood & Community Planning: Neighbourhood Development Orders

Conservation: Characterisation Studies

Conservation: Townscape Impact Analysis

Design: Characterisation Studies

Design: Townscape Impact Analysis

Design: Tall Buildings

Housing: Local and Strategic Housing Market Assessments

Local Authority Services: Local Plan Making

Local & Strategic Planning: Sustainability Appraisal

Local & Strategic Planning: Sustainability Statements

Urban Regeneration: Rural & Village Schemes

Urban Regeneration: Housing Estate Masterplans