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Public Limited Company | www.savills.co.uk

33 Margaret Street

Telephone: 020 3320 8272
Mobile: 07967 555 796
Contact: Mr David Jackson

Email: DJackson@savills.com

Website: www.savills.co.uk


33 Margaret Street

Telephone: 020 3320 8272
Mobile: 07967 555 796
Contact: Mr David Jackson

Email: DJackson@savills.com

Mr David Jackson BA (Hons) MA MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Ms Jane Barnett BA (Hons) Dip TP MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Phil Brown BA (Hons) MA MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Colin Campbell BSc (Hons) MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Karl Cradick BA (Hons) MSc MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Michael Davies BSc (Hons) Dip TP MRTPI AIEMA  [ E-mail ]

Mr John Dyke MA (Oxon) MA MRTPI FRGS  [ E-mail ]

Mr Peter Frankum MA(ud) BA (Hons) Dip TP  [ E-mail ]

Mr Richard Frost MA MTCP MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Tim Gent BA (Hons) BPl MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Alex Graham BA (Hons) BPl MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Nick Green BA (Hons) MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Jeremy Hinds MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Gavin Hall BSc (Hons) MSc MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Garth Hanlon BSc (Hons) MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr David Henry BA (Hons) DipTP MRTPI FRICS FRGS AIEMA  [ E-mail ]

Ms Rebecca McAllister BA MTP FRICS MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Cliff Lane BSc (Hons) Dip EP MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Nick de Lotbiniere MRICS MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Nick Matthews MA MTCP MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Craig O'Brien BA (Hons) BTP MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Chris Potts BA (Hons) MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Tim Price BA (Hons) MSc DipTP MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Chris Rees BSc (Hons) Dip TP  [ E-mail ]

Mr James Rennie  [ E-mail ]

Mr Paul Rouse BSc (Hons) MRICS  [ E-mail ]

Mr Richard Shaw BA (Hons) Dip UD MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Roger Smith BA (Hons) BPL DMS MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Jonathan Steele BA (Hons) Dip UP MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Simon Wallis BA Hons MA MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Kieran Wheeler BSc (Hons) DipTP MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Lee Scott BA(Hons) DipTP MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Steven Briggs BSc Dip TP Dip DBE MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr David Whittington BA (Hons) DipTP  [ E-mail ]

Mr Alastair Wood MA (Hons) AIEMA MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Ms Debbie Mackay BSC (Hons) MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Adam Key  [ E-mail ]

Mr Lachlan Robertson BSc MRTPI  [ E-mail ]


Agricultural Developments, Diversification, Estates, Farms, Horticulture


Business and Science Parks, Change of Use, Extensions / Alterations of Premises, Lawful Development Certificates, New Premises


Conservation Areas, Ecology, Historic Building Restoration, Historic Towns / Sites, Listed Buildings, Rural Conservation, Urban Conservation

Countryside & Environment

AONB (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty), Coastal Planning, Environmental Audits, Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Statements, National Parks, Renewable Energy Sources, Rural Regeneration, SSSI (Special Sites of Scientific Interest), Strategic Environmental Appraisals, Tree Preservation Orders, Wind Farms


Masterplanning, Urban Design

Economic Development

Inward Investment, Marketing

Health Planning

Hospital, Nursing Homes


Affordable Housing, Appeals, Applications, Boundaries / Curtilage, Car Parking, House Extensions, Housing Design Layout, Housing Needs Studies, Light Issues, Objections, Residential Developments, Social Housing


Light Industry, Minerals / Aggregates / Extraction, Mobile Phone Masts, Oil & Gas, Service Industry, Technological Industry, Telecommunications, Utilities, Waste Disposal


Appeals, Direct Professional Access to the Bar, Public Inquiries

Local & Strategic Planning

Community Plans, Development Briefs, Development Plan Monitoring, Development Plan Representation, EIP (Examination in Public), Greenbelt, Local Plans, Minerals Local Plans, Sub-regional Planning, Transport Plans, Waste Local Plans

Minerals & Waste

Waste Local Plans

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

Expert Witness, Planning Gain, Section 106 Agreements

Neighbourhood & Community Planning

Planning for Real ™, Public Participation, Schools / Community Buildings, Village Design Statements, Village/Town Appraisals


Feasibility Studies, Land Availabiltiy Studies, Research / Surveys, Site Appraisals


Change of Use, Factory Outlet Centres, Motorway Service Areas, Out of Town Sites, Retail Impact Studies, Shops, Supermarkets, Town Centres

Tourism & Leisure

Cinemas, Family Entertainment Centres, Golf Courses, Health Clubs, Hotels, Marinas, Parks, Playing Fields, Stadiums, Theme Parks, Tourism


Airports, Buses / Coach Stations, Car Parks, Cycle Ways, Ports, Rivers / Canals / Waterways, Roads

Urban Regeneration

Brownfield Sites

Consultancy Profile

Chartered Town Planners      161
Chartered Surveyors      11
Quality Assured      ISO 14001; ISO 9001


Savills Planning is one of the largest planning consultancy teams in the UK. Our project range is diverse, extending across a wide range of private and public sector clients, including numerous high profile projects for blue chip organisations.

Our skills lie in shaping and influencing policy and decision makers to deliver realistic and viable proposals in planning, commercial and environmental terms. Central to this approach is ensuring that consultancy advice is geared to commercial outcomes – we achieve results that meet our clients’ objectives. This entails careful analysis and detailed knowledge of legislation, policy and procedure, allied with a clear understanding of environmental, sustainability and design issues.

Just as important is our local knowledge and familiarity with the concerns, priorities and approach of local authorities and community stakeholders which is achieved through our national network of professionals and individual contacts. Supported by our specialist teams, we understand the impact that increasing planning obligation requirements play in the negotiation process.

We are experienced in handling all aspects of the planning process including appeals and securing approval within timescales to meet client needs, reducing risks and enhancing rewards.

Specialist activities include:

  • Urban Regeneration – Advising and co-ordinating key stakeholders in delivering the urban renaissance;

  • Sustainable Urban Extensions – We are active in most of the major expansion areas identified in the Government’s growth strategy;

  • The Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Agenda – Working with the rapidly evolving agenda to provide up to date planning advice across all sectors;

  • Urban Design and Masterplanning – Utilising our landscape, urban design and planning skills to provide realistic and deliverable masterplans;

  • Environmental Assessment – Assessing the environmental risks and impacts of a development including the preparation and co-ordination of Environmental Assessments;

  • Public Engagement – Effectively involving the community and stakeholders in planning process.

Principal work areas include housing, commercial and mixed use schemes, award winning sports stadia, retail, renewable energy, water industry, environmental assessment, education and healthcare, community engagement, urban and graphic design.

Main contact:

David Jackson, Head of National Planning: +44 (0) 20 7420 6371

For further information:

Savills Planning