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Jon Tweddell Planning Limited

Limited Company | www.jontweddell.co.uk

Coble Quay
NE65 0FB

Telephone: 01665 713303
Fax: 01665 713303
Contact: Mr Jon Tweddell

Email: jon@jontweddell.co.uk

Website: www.jontweddell.co.uk


Coble Quay
NE65 0FB

Telephone: 01665 713303
Fax: 01665 713303
Contact: Mr Jon Tweddell

Email: jon@jontweddell.co.uk

Mr Jon Tweddell BA(Hons) DipTP  [ E-mail ]

Graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne with an Honours Degree and Diploma in Town Planning.

Fully qualified Town Planner with over 10 years of experience in both public and private sectors.

Held various positions, including at a senior level, within local authority Development Control Sections and as a Planning and Development Consultant with a private practice.

Thorough understanding of the planning system after being involved with a huge range of work from householder development to major housing and commercial schemes.

Mr Kieran Atkinson  [ E-mail ]


Agricultural Developments, Barn Conversions, Development Applications, Diversification, Estates, Farms, Planning & Development


Advertisements / Canopies / Blinds, Car Parking / Access, Change of Use, Enforcement, Extensions / Alterations of Premises, Lawful Development Certificates, New Premises, Offices, Working from Home


Conservation Areas, Design Layout, Historic Towns / Sites, Listed Buildings, Rural Conservation, Urban Conservation

Countryside & Environment

AONB (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty), Coastal Planning, Environmental Statements, Green Belt, Rural Regeneration


Design Layout, Masterplanning, Urban Design


Distribution and Warehousing, Offices



Health Planning

Health Centres, Nursing Homes


Affordable Housing, Appeals, Applications, Boundaries / Curtilage, Car Parking, House Extensions, Housing Design Layout, Objections, Residential Developments


Heavy Industry, Light Industry

Information Technology




Local & Strategic Planning

Development Plan Monitoring, Development Plan Representation, Greenbelt, Local Plans


Feasibility Studies, Research / Surveys, Site Appraisals


Advertisements / Canopies / Blinds, Change of Use, Shops, Town Centres

Tourism & Leisure

Caravan Parks / Camping Sites, Tourism

Urban Regeneration

Brownfield Sites

Consultancy Profile

Total Staff      2
Total Professional Staff      1
Chartered Town Planners      1
Chartered Surveyors      1
Conservation Professionals      1

Countries operated in: Europe

United Kingdom

Business Services

The business provides advice on all aspects of town planning. All sectors of work are considered, including residential, business/commercial, industrial, leisure and tourism. Most of our work is lodging planning applications and planning appeals. Advice can also be provided for development in sensitive locations such as conservation areas, the open countryside and the Green Belt. We also provide other related services as we now employ a Land Surveyor.

Some examples of the type of work where advice can be provided include:

Planning Appeals - collating and submitting planning appeals.

Planning applications - collating and submitting planning applications.

Pre-application advice - assess merits of a proposal prior to the submission of a formal planning application.

Development Appraisals/Feasibility - a range of appraisals can be provided from low cost verbal appraisals based on a short desk top assessment through to detailed reports based on the scrutiny of planning policies and discussions with local planning authorities.

Development Plan representations - promoting a site for development by seeking an allocation in a Development Plan Document is one method of maximising the potential of a site.

Topographical Surveys.