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Geddes Consulting

Limited Company | www.geddesconsulting.com

The Quadrant
17 Bernard Street

Telephone: 0131 553 3639
Contact: Mr. Stuart Salter

Email: stuart@geddesconsulting.com

Website: www.geddesconsulting.com


The Quadrant
17 Bernard Street

Telephone: 0131 553 3639
Contact: Mr. Stuart Salter

Email: stuart@geddesconsulting.com

Mr Bob Salter  [ E-mail ]

Mr. Stuart Salter   [ E-mail ]

Mr Phil McLean  [ E-mail ]


Business and Science Parks, Change of Use


Conservation Areas, Design Layout, Listed Buildings

Countryside & Environment

Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Strategies, Environmental Statements, Green Belt, Visual Impact Assessments, Wind Farms


Architecture, Design Layout, Implementation, Masterplanning, Tall Buildings, Townscape Impact Analysis, Urban Design

Economic Development

Development Strategies, Feasibility Studies, Funding Advice, Viability Assessment



Health Planning

Cemeteries, Health Centres, Nursing Homes


Affordable Housing, Appeals, Applications, Code for Sustainable Homes, Housing Design Layout, Housing Needs Studies, Local and Strategic Housing Market Assessments, Residential Developments, Social Housing, Viability Assessments


Minerals / Aggregates / Extraction, Mining, Oil & Gas, Site Design Layout, Waste Disposal


Schools Planning


Appeals, Judicial Review, Public Inquiries

Local & Strategic Planning

Area Development Frameworks, Community Plans, Development Briefs, Development Plan - Viability Assessments, Development Plan Monitoring, Development Plan Representation, EIP (Examination in Public), Greenbelt, Local Plans, Planning Strategies, Statements of Community Involvement, Sub-regional Planning, Sustainability Appraisal, Sustainability Statements

Local Authority Services

Contracted Out Services, Development Management, Local Plan Making

Minerals & Waste

Coal Mining, Landfill, Mineral Local Plans, Minerals/Aggregates Extraction, Oil & Gas Exploration, Quarries, Waste Disposal, Waste Minimisation, Waste Recycling

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

Affordable Housing Viability, Expert Witness, Planning Gain, Section 75 Agreements

Neighbourhood & Community Planning

Community and Stakeholder Consultation Events, Public Participation, Schools / Community Buildings, Village Design Statements, Village/Town Appraisals

Renewable Energy

Anaerobic Digestion, Biomass, Energy Efficiency, Hydro Power, Solar Power, Wind Power


Environmental Impact Assessment, Feasibility Studies, Housing Needs Assessments, Land Availabiltiy Studies, Local and Strategic Housing Market Assessments, Sectoral Housing Support Studies , Site Appraisals, Viability and Planning Assessments and Inquiries


Change of Use, Out of Town Sites, Site Design Layout, Supermarkets

Tourism & Leisure

Caravan Parks / Camping Sites, Golf Courses, Hotels


Car Parks

Urban Regeneration

Brownfield Sites, Design , Joint Venture Partnerships, PPP (Public & Private Partnerships), Rural & Village Schemes, Waterfront Sites

Consultancy Profile

Total Staff      10
Total Professional Staff      9
Chartered Town Planners      4
Architects      3
Landscape & Environment Professionals      2
Management Professionals      1
Overseas Offices      0
Quality Assured      No

Geddes Consulting is a multi-disciplinary consultancy practice providing skills in Planning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Appraisal. We deliver a comprehensive development service to our private clients, developers, house builders, and national / local government.

Our services help our clients realise their development aspirations by securing allocations in development plans as well as planning permissions. Our work covers a wide range of development sectors and projects – from mixed use development to residential development; renewable energy to tourism – at a variety of scales from national and strategic scales to bespoke developments.

We work alongside our clients to provide tailored advice on all stages of the development process.

We have extensive experience maximising development value without compromising project viability or quality in design which secures successful outcomes to our projects from development plan allocations, planning permissions, development and delivery.

Through the process of managing and integrating advice from our professional disciplines as well as external specialists, we add significant value to our clients’ projects.