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apT Group
Wellington Civic Offices
PO Box 457

Telephone: 01952 384555
Mobile: 01952 384555
Contact: Ms Valerie Hulme

Email: contact@apT-group.co.uk

Website: www.apT-group.co.uk


apT Group
Wellington Civic Offices
PO Box 457

Telephone: 01952 384555
Mobile: 01952 384555
Contact: Ms Valerie Hulme

Email: contact@apT-group.co.uk

Ms Valerie Hulme BA(Hons) MTPL MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Daniel Owen  MTPL, MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Steve Drury BA (Hons), MA, MRTPI   [ E-mail ]

Ms Libby Harper BSc (Hons) DipTP MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Mr Matthew Thomas BSc (Hons) DipHE  [ E-mail ]

Mr Ian Lowe BSc (Hons) MA  [ E-mail ]

Mr Darren Oakeley BA (Hons) MA MRTPI   [ E-mail ]

Mr Gavin Ashford BA (Hons) AssocRTPI CMILT   [ E-mail ]

Mr Lawrence Munyuki BSc (Hons) MSc MRTPI  [ E-mail ]

Ms Harjot Rayet BSc (Hons) MA PIEMA  [ E-mail ]


Agricultural Developments, Barn Conversions, Development Applications, Development Viabilities, Diversification, Estates, Farms, Liveries, Planning & Development, Small Holdings


Advertisements / Canopies / Blinds, Business and Science Parks, Car Parking / Access, Change of Use, Enforcement, Extensions / Alterations of Premises, Flood Risk Assessments, Lawful Development Certificates, New Premises, Offices, Working from Home


Ancient Monuments, Archaeology, Characterisation Studies, Conservation Areas, Design Layout, Ecology, Historic Building Restoration, Historic Towns / Sites, Listed Buildings, Rural Conservation, Townscape Impact Analysis, Urban Conservation, World Heritage Sites

Countryside & Environment

AONB (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty), Appropriate Assessment (Habitats Regulations), Code for Sustainable Homes, Country Parks, Countryside Access Strategies, Ecological Surveys, Environmental Audits, Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Strategies, Environmental Statements, Environmental Trusts, Green Belt, Gypsy / Traveller Sites, National Parks, Renewable Energy Sources, Rights of Way, Rural Regeneration, SSSI (Special Sites of Scientific Interest), Strategic Environmental Appraisals, Tree Preservation Orders, Visual Impact Assessments, Wildlife Centres / Trusts


Architecture, Characterisation Studies, Design Layout, Implementation, Masterplanning, Townscape Impact Analysis, Urban Design

Economic Development

Community Infrastructure Levy - Evidence Studies, Community Infrastructure Levy - Examination, Development Strategies, Economic Research, Feasibility Studies, Funding Applications, Inward Investment, Viability Assessment


Distribution and Warehousing, Offices


Appeals, Investigation, Prosecution, Remedial Action

Health Planning

BREEAM Assessments, Cemeteries, Crematoriums, Health Centres, Nursing Homes


Affordable Housing, Appeals, Applications, Boundaries / Curtilage, Car Parking, Code for Sustainable Homes, Eco-Homes Assessments, Flood Risk Assessements, House Extensions, Housing Design Layout, Housing Needs Studies, Light Issues, Local and Strategic Housing Market Assessments, Objections, Residential Developments, Social Housing, Viability Assessments


Heavy Industry, Light Industry, Minerals / Aggregates / Extraction, Mining, Mobile Phone Masts, Pollution (Air, Water, Noise), Service Industry, Site Design Layout, Technological Industry, Telecommunications, Utilities, Waste Disposal

Information Technology

CAD, Development Control Application Systems, GIS, Local Authority IT Guidance / Systems


Community Infrastructure Levy - Evidence Studies, Community Infrastructure Levy - Examination, Duty to Cooperate, Health Assessments, Infrastructure Planning for Local Plans, Schools Planning, Transport Assessments


Appeals, Public Inquiries

Local & Strategic Planning

Area Development Frameworks, Community Plans, Core Strategies, Development Briefs, Development Plan - Viability Assessments, Development Plan Monitoring, Development Plan Representation, Duty to Cooperate, EIP (Examination in Public), Greenbelt, Local Plans, Planning Strategies, Statements of Community Involvement, Sub-regional Planning, Sustainability Appraisal, Sustainability Statements, Transport Plans

Local Authority Services

Contracted Out Services, Development Management, Local Plan Making

Minerals & Waste

Coal Mining, Landfill, Mineral Local Plans, Minerals/Aggregates Extraction, Mining, Quarries, Waste Disposal, Waste Local Plans, Waste Recycling

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

Affordable Housing Viability, Contractual Disputes, Expert Witness, Mediation, Planning Gain, Section 106 Agreements, Section 75 Agreements

Neighbourhood & Community Planning

Community and Stakeholder Consultation Events, Neighbourhood Development Orders, Neighbourhood Development Plans, Public Participation, Registration of Community Assets under Localism Act, Schools / Community Buildings, Village Design Statements, Village/Town Appraisals


Elected Member Training

Renewable Energy



Environmental Impact Assessment, Feasibility Studies, Housing Needs Assessments, Land Availabiltiy Studies, Research / Surveys, Site Appraisals, Viability and Planning Assessments and Inquiries


Advertisements / Canopies / Blinds, Car Boot Sales, Change of Use, Factory Outlet Centres, Impact Tests, Markets, Out of Town Sites, Retail Impact Studies, Shops, Site Design Layout, Supermarkets, Town Centre Management, Town Centres

Tourism & Leisure

Amusement Centres, Caravan Parks / Camping Sites, Cinemas, Family Entertainment Centres, Fast Food / Take Away Outlets, Golf Courses, Guest Houses / B&B, Health Clubs, Hotels, Marinas, Parks, Playing Fields, Public Houses, Rambling, Restaurants, Sport & Recreational Strategies, Stadiums, Swimming Baths, Tourism, Visitor Management Strategies


Buses / Coach Stations, Car Parks, Cycle Ways, Rivers / Canals / Waterways, Roads, Traffic Management, Transport Impact Studies, Transport planning and design, Travel Plans

Urban Regeneration

Brownfield Sites, Compulsory Purchases, Design , European Funding, Housing Estate Masterplans, Joint Venture Partnerships, PPP (Public & Private Partnerships), Rural & Village Schemes, Town & City Centre Revitalisation Schemes

Consultancy Profile

Total Staff      53
Total Professional Staff      37
Chartered Town Planners      9
Architects      1
Chartered Surveyors      3
Chartered & Professional Engineers      1
Chartered & Professional Builders      1
Landscape & Environment Professionals      2
Conservation Professionals      2
Chartered Housing Professionals      1
Transport Professionals      6
Management Professionals      2
Amenity & Leisure Professionals      1
Legal Firms      Yes

A Public Sector Development Consultancy, providing Planning, Building Control and Highway expertise.

Tailoring spaces and creating places

apT Group

Perfectly based in a central location of the midlands, apT is a multi-disciplined development consultancy who combine public sector know-how with a competitive business approach. We bring together specialist knowledge and expertise all under one roof.

Our in-house specialist skills and experience cover all necessary bases and results in us being fully equipped to help our clients meet all the requirements of the planning process, creating tailored design solutions and deliver environmental stewardship.

apT’s customer focused accessible services include professional help and guidance for:

  • Planning

  • Highways Engineering

  • LABC Building Regulations

and more specialist consultancy for:

  • Built Heritage Conservation,

  • Urban Design,

  • Ecological Conservation,

  • Financial Viability,

  • Strategic Housing and

  • Recreation.

A Wide Range of Experts:

Our passionate specialists have vast experience of delivering development consultancy to individual homeowners through to large international companies, along with small to large scale residential and commercial developers, land agents and everything in-between.

We add lasting value to the people and environments we work with, achieving shared priorities for better places. Our in-house experts will speed up the development process accounting for every potential hurdle along the way, whilst always meeting the needs of our customers and the community.

A Holistic Approach:

Bringing together a variety of specialists we provide a multi-disciplined Accessible Planning Team that integrate planning and design to identify the key issues and provide a cost effective solution.

apT offers extensive planning expertise to deal with a variety of specialisms including: Agricultural and Rural Business; Conservation; Countryside and Environment; Design; Economic Development; Education; Employment; Enforcement; Health Planning; Housing; Industry; Minerals and Waste; Infrastructure; Appeals; Local and Strategic Planning; Renewable Energy; Research; Retail; Tourism and Leisure; Transport and Urban Regeneration.